Anne Moraa
Girl-Content Specialist & Writer

Anne Moraa is a writer, editor and creative. After completing an undergraduate degree from the University of Nottingham, she completed her Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. Her works focus on feminism, ‘otherness’ and the importance of voice. Her published pieces can be read in Jalada, KikeTele, Brainstorm among other publications, and her performances have taken her from South Korea (as part of Exhibit B) to Edinburgh (with the Loud Poets at the Fringe Festival) and in Nairobi (StoryMoja Hay Festival, Festival CulturElles) where she currently lives and works. She has served as Editorial Assistant at Kwani Trust and the Edinburgh Review, and continues to write and edit for various organizations, including her role as Associate Editor at Jalada. She currently creates content for the Nia Teen health magazine and spends a significant amount of time researching what girls' real needs are.