Meet Faith, who at just 17 years old takes care of her six siblings—three of which are girls—ages 15, 14, and 10. Faith’s mother died suddenly a few years ago, and she has never met her father.

In between long days of school and chores, Faith farms to support her family, while protecting her sisters in a community where rape and forced early marriage are all too common.

Faith faces an additional challenge – having to provide the tools she and her sisters need to manage their periods so they can stay in school – while surviving on less than $3 a day.


We train a local organization in Faith’s community to provide rights-based health education and to implement child protection policies, so she and her sisters can learn about their health and human rights.

Through this organization, we also deliver a yearlong supply of sanitary pads so the girls can stay in school during menstruation - so Faith won’t have to choose between buying bread and buying pads. 


Over the past year, all of the girl’s studies have improved dramatically since they started receiving pads and health education. As Faith says,“we no longer miss school or worry about our periods! I no longer have to factor this expense into my budget, and we can all feel confident in class because we are protected.”