Gina Reiss-Wilchins
Chief Executive Officer

Gina Reiss Wilchins is an entrepreneurial, executive leader with more than two decades of managerial and development experience in the nonprofit sector on the state, national and international level. She has built effective partnerships with high net worth donors, major foundations, UN agencies, community based organizations and Fortune 500 corporations. She has raised $35 million for social justice causes and led major advocacy campaigns on issues from women’s and LGBT rights in the US, to ending child marriage, promoting education in Ethiopia and Malawi, and ending sex trafficking in Cambodia. Prior to ZanaAfrica Foundation, she served as Executive Director of the Somaly Mam Foundation, working both in Southeast Asia and the US and served as Director of the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign where she launched a campaign that grew into 350 active clubs in 44 counties. Prior to that, Gina spent a decade as the Managing Director of GenderPAC, and was founding Executive Director of TrueChild, a consultancy that promotes gender transformative philanthropy. She is a graduate of UCLA with an English literature/Women’s Studies degree.