Imagine a world where all girls reached their potential. Every. Single. Girl. 

Through collective action this is possible.

When we give together, we can make a stronger and more immediate impact in the lives of others. Through ZanaAfrica’s Giving Circles, you can join other compassionate individuals to make a difference in the lives of adolescent girls.

We invite you to join us in meeting the critical needs of girls in Kenya serving them in Body, Mind, and Community, so they can safely navigate puberty and step into the promise of their future.

Members of our giving circles are smart, engaged, passionate individuals who ask great questions and provide insightful input; they are donors who understand that focused, long-term philanthropy can change the lives of individuals and entire communities. They give locally, nationally, and internationally.

They see the potential in each and every girl and believe in humanity. They know that in order for a girl to thrive, that she requires the full support of her family, her community, and her country. 

ZanaAfrica’s Giving Circle members are living their purpose and want to ensure that girls across Kenya, East Africa, and the globe, can do the same.

As a member of a ZanaAfrica Giving Circles, you’ll not only receive quarterly reports but also have the opportunity to work directly with ZanaAfrica leadership to discuss how your impact is making a difference.

Does this sound like you?

Contact Alison Nakamura Netter to learn more about how you can invest in the health and future of girls in Kenya!