Making Pads

The Problem

65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford pads. This means that over 850,000 girls miss 6 weeks of school every year and women miss valuable work hours. The problem is worse across East Africa with 4 in 5 unable to afford pads.


Reusable pads and rags are the alternatives, but can be unhygienic, leading to long-term health complications. They also cause embarrassing leaks. Girls would rather stay home than risk such humiliation.


We say: affordable pads are a basic human right.

The Solution

We are making pads radically affordable to create a world where women and girls can step boldly into the promise of their future.


Our mission is to produce the lowest-cost, most eco-responsible sanitary pad in the world and to provide large-scale, cascading impact to women and intermediary partners through distribution.


By 2020 we will directly support 3 million girls and women with our pads, to sustainably win back 5 million school days, 2 million work hours and $1 million to reinvest in their families. We will equip 23,000 saleswomen to earn an additional $100/year.




Making Pads Infographic

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