since 2013, we’ve supplied over 50,000 girls WITH HEALTH EDUCATION, sanitary pads, UNDERWEAR, and mentors. 

When asked how it feels to receive pads and health education, one girl replied: "It makes me proud to be a girl, and i know I'll go as far as boys can go!" 


We have also created 5 issues of Nia Teen, a transformative rights-based reproductive health magazine, designed through a feminist lens, specifically for adolescent girls. In 2017-2018, we shared Nia Teen with nearly 4,000 girls across Kenya and the U.S. and developed Nia Yetu, a corresponding health curriculum that equips teachers and mentors with the information they need to support girls through puberty. 


"[Through Nia Teen] I learned the truth about periods, that if a girl is menstruating she can still go on with her activities. I also learned about self-respect: That if I respect myself others will also respect me too."