since 2013, we’ve supplied nearly 50,000 girls WITH sanitary pads, HEALTH EDUCATION, anD UNDERWEAR, REACHING 16,300 GIRLS IN 2017 ALONE. 

Thanks to The PaperSeed Foundation, in 2017 we distributed 159,450 pads to serve 12,912 girls through 14 local organizations so girls can stay in school and feel confident in the classroom. 

When asked how it feels to receive pads and health education, one girl replied: "It makes me proud to be a girl, and i know I'll go as far as boys can go!" 


We also created 5 issues of Nia Teen, a transformative rights-based reproductive health magazine, designed through a feminist lens, specifically for adolescent girls. In 2017 we shared Nia Teen with nearly 4,000 girls across Kenya and the U.S. and developed Nia Yetu, a corresponding health curriculum that equips teachers and mentors with the information they need to support girls through puberty. 


"[Through Nia Teen] I learned the truth about periods, that if a girl is menstruating she can still go on with her activities. I also learned about self-respect: That if I respect myself others will also respect me too."